Visual Arts Winners 2017-18

Congratulations to Alexandria’s 2017-18 winners in Visual Arts! Each winning entry listed was initially the 1st Place winner in the student’s own school contest. 1st Place winners from all the ACPS schools’ contests then competed in the Alexandria PTA Council’s citywide Reflections competition. 1st Place Alexandria winners were advanced to the Northern Virginia District contest. Here are the Alexandria winners in Visual Arts, updated to include district results..


Outreached, by Ava B., TC Williams HS


1st Place – Ava Benbow, 11th grade, TC Williams, “Outreached Hand” (NoVa District HM)


Las Patronas

Las Patronas, by Claudia M., George Washington MS


1st Place – Claudio Martino, 8th grade, George Washington MS, “Las Patronas” (NoVa District HM)

2nd Place – James McBride, 6th grade, Jefferson-Houston School, “In the Palm of Our Hands”



The Long Journey, by Claudia Cutting, grade5, Maury ES - 1st Place, Visual Arts, Intermediate

The Long Journey, by Claudia C, Maury ES


1st Place – Claudia Cutting, 5th grade, Matthew Maury ES, “The Long Journey” (NoVa District 3rd Place, tied)

2nd Place – Josephine Battle, 3rd grade, Douglas MacArthur ES, “Harmony”

3rd Place (tie) – Celeste Bernstein, 5th grade, Mt Vernon Community School, “The TOP!”

3rd Place (tie) – Aleksandra Richardson, 5th grade, James Polk ES, “The Wall”

HM – Gabriela Galvan, 3rd grade, Cora Kelly ES for Math, Science & Technology, “Reach In”

Director’s Award – Isabelle Lara, 3rd grade, George Mason ES, “My Future”

Director’s Award – Karol de la Cruz Ortega, 5th grade, William Ramsay ES, “Success”


Exploding the Future

Exploding the Future, by Saha I., Jefferson-Houston


1st Place – Saha Irwin, 2nd grade, Jefferson-Houston ES, “Exploding the Future” (NoVa District 3rd Place)

2nd Place (tie) – Nathalie Garza Bangas, 1st grade, James Polk ES, “I Love School”

2nd Place (tie) – Claire Joffrion, 1st grade, Douglas MacArthur ES

“Monkey Bars Are Within My Reach”

3rd Place – Charlie Corbin, 1st grade, Matthew Maury ES, “Reaching My Pontenteilor”

HM – Winston Sadoo, 2nd grade, Charles Barrett ES, “Reach Farther”

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