Literature WINNERS 2017-18

Destiny Within Reach

Destiny Within Reach, by Frealem B., 10th grade, T.C. Williams HS

Congratulations to Alexandria’s 2017-18 winners in Literature! Each winning entry listed was initially the 1st Place winner in the student’s school contest. 1st Place winners from all the ACPS schools’ contests then competed in the Alexandria PTA Council’s citywide Reflections competition.

The 1st Place city winners were advanced to the Northern Virginia District contest; district results are included below.

Here are some of Alexandria’s Reflections winners in Literature.






1st Place – Frealem Bekele, 10th grade, TC Williams HS, “Destiny Within Reach” (NoVa District 3rd Place) POSTED ABOVE



Reflections Song

Reflections Song, by Eliza G., 6th grade, George Washington MS

1st Place – Eliza Gwin, 6th grade, George Washington MS, “Within Reach (Reflections Song)” (NoVa District 3rd Place, tied)

2nd Place – Lillian Try, 6th grade, Jefferson-Houston School, “Ball In My Glove”




1st Place – Lucy Hunnicutt, 3rd grade, John Adams ES, “Within Reach” (NoVa District HM) Piece is too long to post on this page. Click here to link to it.

2nd Place – Samantha Brayman, 5th grade, Charles Barrett ES, “Dreams are Nigh”

3rd Place – Jack Sibbald, 5th grade, Douglas MacArthur ES, “The Future”

HM – Caroline Osinski, 4th grade, George Mason ES, “Within Reach”



Beautiful Dreams, by Molly P, 2nd grade, Charles Barrett ES

1st Place – Saha Irwin, 2nd grade, Jefferson-Houston School, “A Walk Around the World” (NoVa District HM) POSTED BELOW

2nd Place – Molly Payne, 2nd grade, Charles Barrett ES, “Beautiful Dreams”

3rd Place – Amelia Parks, 2nd grade, Douglas MacArthur ES, “I Believe In My Dreams”

HM – Shayne Suslowitz, 1st grade, James Polk ES, “The Band Cats”




A Walk Around the World

“A Walk Around the World,” by Saha I., 2nd grade, Jefferson-Houston.