Tracking Student Participation

If you’re a school Reflections chair, by now you are either having student entries judged, preparing the entries for judging, or reminding students that your school’s entry deadline is fast approaching. In any case, in about two weeks, winning entries will be advanced to the Alexandria City contest.


“The World Would Be a Better Place If We Saw the Little Details,” by Isabel M (George Washington MS)

When those top entries are advanced to the City, along with them, you’ll submit a Local Unit Participation Form. (Remember, in PTA-speak, a “Local Unit” usually means a school’s PTA.) The form’s purpose is to track the number of students at each school who take part in Reflections.

It’s a simple form that records how many entries you received in the various categories and divisions. Every entry submitted to your contest should be counted on this form, whether it won an award or not. Even entries you later had to disqualify should be counted here, to help the state and national PTAs keep track of how many students are taking part in Reflections.

(Note that some versions of this form you might download from elsewhere have a line at the bottom saying you must register your school’s program online. Disregard this instruction. Online registration is not required this year at the School, Council, or District level.)

ACPS Reflections chairs can download the form by clicking below; this one has been customized for Alexandria schools, with some  of the top information already filled out for you. For the rest of the PTA info on the form, use the same contact information as you put on your Reflections Student Entry Forms. (But if you’re an ACPS school and don’t have your school’s PTA ID# handy, you can leave that blank; the PTA Council has them all and will fill them in for you if needed.) School Participation Form, Alexandria

A form is also provided here for other Northern Virginia Reflections chairs. If your school is in Fairfax, please remember to fill in the Region (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5). Everyone else, put “n/a” for Region. (Fairfax is the only NoVa PTA council with regions.) Please fill out the rest of the form using the contact info you put in the PTA box at the top of your Student Entry Forms. School Participation Form, General NoVa (for Arlington, Fairfax, Falls Church).





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